Writing Prompt

I may not be the most skilled writer that has ever existed. I may not write the best metaphors or enough of them. I may not always be as captivating as I could be. I may not have the best grammar or spelling. I may not be clever. I am going to make mistakes. I am going to keep trying to improve my skills. While the last several posts I have made have been opinion pieces about topics that I care about, I’d like to switch it up. I will probably on occasion still write about opinions that I have, but I’d also like to test out different writing styles. I’d like to give myself writing prompts and slowly improve my skills in writing fiction.

This website will more than likely being helping me come up with ideas for my creative writing prompts. If I came up with them on my own, I’d likely be sitting at my computer screen for days unable to think up something clever.

Today’s Prompt: 100 word short story.

“‘Have you ever seen anything so magical? This is a place of pure bliss,’ She’s wagging her tail as she gazes upon the dog park with such awe that’d you’d think she had been trapped in a kennel since birth.” I translated my dog’s incoherent barks.

“I’m pretty sure that you’re translating wrong.”

“I know for a fact I’m not. You’d understand if you were fluent in barkanese.”

“Pretty sure that she’s saying something more along the lines of ‘I’m so excited to have a place to run. Master is too poor to rent a place with a yard.”

Not entirely sure if that counts as a short story but I really wanted to practice dialogue as well. It’s my least favorite thing to write; therefore, the one thing I should probably practice the most.

I’m feeling rather lazy today, otherwise I was going to attempt to write another actual short story. One with more of a plot. However, I’ll try to write more tomorrow.